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Demiray Oral Photography

Landscape Photography 1-2-1 Workshop

Landscape Photography 1-2-1 Workshop

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I offer 1-2-1 photography tuition sessions over a full day in the Peak District. I cater to all skill levels so please get in touch and we can talk about the parts of landscape photography you enjoy, how you'd like to improve and refine your skills, knowledge and understanding, and what you'd like to get from our time together.

I provide insight and coaching on all areas of landscape photography drawn from my own experiences taking photographs in the Peak District and the other locations that I post about on social media. This ranges from basic technical skills, to composition considerations and use of light, I even get asked about location selection and planning and how to read the weather conditions! I'm very happy to share as much of this knowledge and advice to help you improve and enjoy your photography in the outdoors even more, and I'm more than happy to pass on my experience regarding any aspect that you've seen me write about or publicise. After some discussion beforehand in the days leading up to the session, we will apply it all out in the field, as conditions are developing - There is no better way to learn!


A full-day session is approximately 8 hours in the field photographing across 2-3 locations. We break for lunch (which doesn't eat into tuition time but happy to continue talking about things informally) which can be out in the field (bring a sandwich) if you want to keep focussed or something a little more cosy - there is more than a pub or two in the Peak District serving fantastic food! At some times of the year (ie. autumn and winter) we can include both sunrise and sunset!


We will liaise on dates and times, and i'll try and be as flexible as I can according to your needs (eg. you may have a long drive ahead of the day and prefer not to begin too early) - I am normally available Saturdays and Sundays, and often on days during the week too (although these change from week to week depending on the projects I am working on). Just give me some potential dates you could do, we'll look at what the weather forecast is saying and then confirm the date once you have booked the session.


Locations are agreed nearer the time (normally suggested by me, but happy to go to any locations you'd like to try instead if they suit the objectives we've discussed) balancing weather conditions and your preference and learning needs (eg. shooting large vistas, rocky outcrops, waterfalls etc). You'll be responsible for bringing your own photography gear, travelling to the first location meeting point and between subsequent locations (following me by car) and any food or drink needed on the day. I strongly suggest you wear clothing suitable for hiking and changing weather conditions otherwise this could impact the amount of time we have in the field shooting together - There are no conditions the landscape photographer cannot shoot in and there's no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing!

How to book

Payment is taken in advance to confirm your date and done through this website, just use the BUY IT NOW button on this page. If we haven't been talking beforehand, once you have paid for your booking get in touch with me by email at or send me a message on Instagram @demirayoralphotography (preferred - I respond more quickly this way!) and we'll have a discussion per the above and set up your workshop with me out in the Peak District! My website tells me I received payment, and your name but it passes no further information to me so make sure you do get in touch!

Thanks for looking and look forward to seeing you.


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